Lukas Merki



Teaching area

5430 Wettingen (CH)



Tel. +41 562 211 163

Greubstelstrasse 3, 5430 Wettingen



Lukas Merki, born 1968 in Baden is a certified trumpet instructor and a teacher of

trumpet pedagogy at the Kalaidos Musikhochschule.

After receiving a Teacher’s Diploma in General Education at the Teachers’ Training College in Zug, he studied with Rudolf Linder in Basel.

Then, he won a position in the Peter-Cornelius Konservatorium trumpet studio in Mainz and at the Conservatoire de Musique Luxembourg, where he studied under the guidance of trumpet Professor Malte Burba. He graduated and received a Master’s degree in trumpet performance.

Additionally, he participated in trumpet lessons and masterclasses given by trumpeters Pierre Thibaud, Bo Nilsson, and Frits Damrow.

He also received guidance and lessons from Reinhard Flatischler (TaKeTiNa), Lisa Sokolov (Improvisation), Michael Vetter (music theater).

He has been a member in the orchestra „Basel Sinfonietta“ for many years.

He has performed numerous solo recitals and ensemble recitals as a member of the Brass Quintet “Brasspartout” and the trumpet ensemble “Stradivarius”. Lukas Merki also engaged in many solo projects and duo performances with percussion instruments.

Presently, his diverse musical activities include, music improvisation, and presentations that showcase the trumpet, the double bell and quarter tone trumpet, as well the alphorn and related instruments.

In 2012/ 13 he was a prize winner at the Pro Argovia Artist Contest with the project “Zwei Welten“ (Musik und Lyrik).

As a certified Burba®Brass Teacher since 2008, he continues to specialize in performance and pedagogical methods concerning the trumpet.

Lukas Merki's teaching experience spans more than 25 years at music schools in the county of Aargau, the Gymnasium Unterstrass Zurich (1993-2010) and the music organization SMPV, where he was the leader of the professional music teacher educators.

Currently, he teaches at the Kantonsschule Wettingen (since 1998).

Additionally, many classical trained trumpeters as well Jazz inclined trumpeters from the Musikhochschulen Zurich und Luzern attend trumpet lessons with Lukas Merki in order to improve their instrumental skills. He is also in great demand for workshops and other trumpet related courses.