2. "Brass instruments are no real musical instruments when we take a closer look at the physics and tone production!"


Normally, an instrument can only do two things: produce a tone and amplify a tone.  This means that an instrument consists of a generator (which produces the vibrations) and a resonator (which amplifies the vibrations).

On a piano, guitar or violin the strings are the generator and the corpus is the resonator.  On woodwinds, the reed produces the vibration and the tube amplifies it.  This is different on brass instruments!  The most important physical part - the generator - is missing!

Therefore, the musician not only triggers the physical function of the generator by pressing a key, pulling a string, or biting on a reed.  Moreover, the body of the musician - the lips in combination with the air - produce the vibrations.  From this perspective, a brass instrument is not a complete musical instrument.


We as brass players have to remember that our instrument is only an amplifier of vibrations.  We must learn to tame it with efficient body control.