Malte Burba comes from a family of musicians. He studied trumpet, piano, musicology and music education. He also studied phonetics and medicine. This gave him important insights and impulses for developing a new kind of brass playing method.


Burba's method is the first to precisely define the physical distinctiveness of brass instruments in comparison to all other musical instruments and lays the foundation of his didactic concept, which is now trademarked.


Malte Burba teaches at the Musik Conservatory of Rheinland-Palatine (Musikhochschule Rheinland-Pfalz) in Mainz, and before that he taught at the Music Conservatory in Cologne (1989–2002) as well as the Jazz Institute in Berlin (2006-2009).

As of winter semester 2009/2010, he teaches at the Music Conservatory in Dresden (Hochschule für Musik Carl Maria von Weber), together with Till Brönner.  He gives masterclasses world-wide.


The long list of his renowned students include Till Brönner, Joo Kraus, Axel Dörner, Chris Walden and Julian Wasserfuhr.

The recordings he has made is mostly modern, contemporary and experimental music, employing trumpets, euphonium, alphorn, alto horn and didgeridoo.