1. "The body always chooses the easiest way, as long as it knows it."


But what do we do if our body doesn't know what the easiest way is?


Most of the things that we do with our body are done subconsciously. Thankfully - because most movements are so complex that our conscious mind could hardly take a positive influence.


Skiers have long since discovered that training body awareness, dexterity and balance are essential additions to practicing on skis.  Even though most of these exercises don't seem to have anything to do with winter sports, their positive effects have been proved and tested and applied by all professional athletes.  In this way, they improve their abilities without having to take conscious action.


Can we as brass players adapt these ideas?


In his method, Malte Burba shows how we can help our intuition to reach our desired goals.  Basic body functions and dexterity are trained efficiently and in a logical manner.  This way, we can improve our playing in many ways that we didn't think would be possible.