The following topics are addressed in Prof. Malte Burba's master classes:

  • Heightening of physical awareness as a general requirement and instruction on instinctive physical control as a basis for mastering the instrument
  • Breathing technique
  • Lip, tongue and lower jaw control
  • Control of facial muscles
  • Coordination and synchronization
  • Transformation ( = putting techniques into practice)
  • Psychological aspects

Introduction to the BURBA®Method with private lessons for all brass players


     DE - Köln

29. June 2024



     DE - Heidelberg

13. - 14. July 2024



     AT - Mank

15. - 17. August 2024



     DE - Siegen

14. - 15. September 2024



     CH - Sulgen

9. - 10. November 2024




     DE - Schönram

5. April 2025


A certified Burba®Brass Teacher gives an introduction to the method. Afterwards, Prof. Burba will give private lessons.

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     DE - Neuhausen | with Till Brönner

Postponed. Can already be reserved.

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For advanced players only


     DE - Offenberg-Neuhausen (94560)

27.  - 28. July 2024


These masterclasses are exclusively for participants who have already attended one of Prof. Burba's brass workshops.

Class contents are all relevant topics: thorough check-ups of the exercises that have been practiced and assignment of new exercises.

The class includes group sessions, private lessons within the group, and one-to-one private lessons (upon request).

So if you've visited a brass workshop and have been busy practicing the exercises, you will be able to evaluate your progress at this seminar.

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Embouchure Consultation

In the embouchure consultation, every participant can play a few notes.  Afterwards Prof. Burba will give a diagnosis (lips, breathing, etc.) and will propose a plan to solve possible problems.

The time for each individual is limited, depending on the number of participants.

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Schedule 2024: in preparation

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