Till Brönner

Jazz Trumpet Artist | Composer | Singer


"Malte Burba is the one who has analysed the 'system brass instrument' so precisely and logically like no other musician or pedagogue has ever done worldwide.  There is no other family of instruments that technically challenges the musician in so many ways.  In order to work efficiently, all of these challenges have to be mastered simultaneously, aside from making music.  I have learned to understand how trumpet playing works and neither wonder about great vituosos nor about dilettantes.  Their existence reaffirms Malte Burba's method and forever banish all nebulous aspects of our profession.  Today, Malte Burba's method is rightly so recognized to have the status of a science."


→ Interview: "This is how I was rescued"


Florian Klingler

Principal Trumpet with the Munich Philharmonic


It was through a coincidence that I heard about a masterclass with Malte Burba in Amberg, which I then attended.  After the masterclass, I for the first time understood how the system brass playing/trumpet playing actually works.  Malte Burba's method helped me to get out of a deep crisis in my playing.  This method helped me improve all aspects of my playing.  Without it I wouldn't be playing trumpet professionally anymore!


→ Florian Klingler, mphil.de


Guntram Halder

Principal Trombone, Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin


"Like most brass players, I learned to play the trombone mostly intuitively, focusing only on the sound, but without knowing exactly which physical processes are necessary. Malte Burba's method achieves maximum efficiency in a sustainable manner and deals with the basic bodily functions for playing a brass instrument.

Specific training of the required muscle groups, clearly structured exercises and an extremely pragmatic approach enable players at every level to gradually gain more control over their body, as well as reduce interfering factors. Malte's methodological and psychological explanations provide support in times of doubt and uncertainty, always with a view to the fact that there are constantly new things to discover and that the development process continues.

I am very grateful to have got to know Malte Burba's method in a phase that was technically challenging for me and I highly recommend every brass player to study it in detail. "


→ Guntram Halder, deutscheoperberlin.de


Dr. phil. Niranjan Wijewickrema

Visiting Professor of Baroque Trumpet, Royal Conservatory Brussels


I came into contact with Malte Burba's method decades ago, but it took me a long time - the power of my prejudices and the fear of questioning my own dogmas were too strong - to overcome my inner hesitation and make the decision to thoroughly engage with this method.

After an introductory course with Prof. Burba here in Brussels, as well as subsequent monitoring visits with Martin Schädlich, I can already draw the following conclusions:

  • The Burba System offers a scientifically grounded concept that doesn't leave room for "Just imagine that..." thinking, but instead leads to a logically and consistently structured pedagogy.
  • Fanatic practicing doesn't always help, especially not when one fanatically programs counterproductive processes into the subconscious!
  • Playing a brass instrument becomes considerably easier when one treats the vibration generator (the human body) correctly.
  • Last but not least: One must truly be willing to question many dogmas and habits.


I am very excited to delve into the Burba System and believe that many brass players could find more joy in their instruments if this methodology were considered an essential foundation for any brass pedagogy studies.

Roman Rindberger

Mnozil Brass | Professor for Trumpet at the Music and Art Private University of Vienna


"Thanks to Malte, who helped me overcome a severe brass playing crisis 15 years ago, I am now a professional musician.  His method is a master plan that lets all who are seriously interested achieve previously unknown brass playing possibilities.  I am happy that his idea is carried on and hopefully will serve many more musicians to enrich their playing and potential for expression."


→ Interview "Auf die harte Tour - Roman Rindberger und die Trompete"

→ Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien

→ Mnozil Brass 


Florian Dörpholz

Principal Trumpet with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin


"I attended one of Malte Burba's master classes, simply out of curiosity, and it completely changed the way I look at everything that has to do with the trumpet. For years I've been trying to create a „good feel“ for the embouchure and my breathing when I warm up in the morning. I always tried to „use a lot of air“ - but often times ended up with the impression that I „wasn't really in good shape“ today. It really frustrated me to be looking for this „good feeling“, even though I was able to meet the expectations as a trumpet player in the orchestra (thankfully!).


What really convinced me was that finally, someone was able to not only explain to me in detail how the system „brass playing“ works and had an answer to every single question from the participants of the master class. I was much more able to get to know a method where it is completely irrelevant how I feel or if I'm in „good shape“. My playing has become much more reliable and I have no more problems with difficult passages after sitting around for a longer time, which unfortunately is a part of every day life as an orchestral musician.


I strongly urge every brass player to attend one of Malte Burba's master classes – you will see the brass world with different eyes.“


→ Florian Dörpholz, rsb-online.de


Maik Krahl

Trumpet player | Composer | Pedagogue


Through studying with Professor Malte Burba, I was able to significantly improve my trumpet playing. Without him, I would have undoubtedly reached my technical and psychological limits quickly.

Malte Burba knows the "instrument" trumpet down to the last detail and how to solve brass-playing problems. Through his method, which involves an intensive exploration of the body, I was able to eliminate numerous "problem areas" that had crept into my playing. My performance is now very reliable, and I always feel more comfortable on my instrument. The gained discipline can also be wonderfully applied to many other areas of life.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Malte Burba's method to any brass player facing technical issues while playing.


→ maikkrahl.com


André Meier

Trumpet player | Composer


Malte Burba and his method have significantly shaped me as a musician and trumpeter. His method and way of thinking helped me, on one hand, to manage an embouchure change at a young age and to fundamentally strengthen my playing. On the other hand, it continues to be a daily engagement and an inexhaustible medium for reflection in my own playing and in my teaching activity.

The depth of reflection and discourse that accompanies this method is something I consider to be absolutely unique.


→ andremeier.org

→ konservatorium.ch


Dominic Wunderli

Assistant principal trumpet player with the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra


Malte's method is unique and provides a logical and understandable way to eliminate brass-related issues. It has helped me enhance and maintain my intuitive abilities at a consistent level. Integrated into my daily practice, my personal program offers me a reliable tool to creatively navigate my brass-playing routine.

I owe a lot to Malte and can only recommend everyone to take the time to explore it.


→ Dominic Wunderli, sinfonieorchester.ch


Martin Osterhammer

Principal Horn, Philharmonic Orchestra Landestheater Coburg


After five years of working with Malte Burba's method, I can say:

Even movements that have been incorrectly performed for decades and the resulting instrumental and musical weaknesses can be corrected reliably and permanently with this method. This enables liberated and creative music-making, which I and the listeners enjoy.


The method is only suitable for people who are really motivated and actually want to improve their skills on the instrument based on honest self-assessment.

It is absolutely pointless to apply the method:

without regular check-ups by a qualified teacher

without being able to really patiently and consistently deal with the exercises every day and for years.

However, I don't know anyone, beginner or professional, who, when applied correctly, has not improved technically and musically.


In contrast to "normal" teaching methods, progress with Burba is not a coincidence or simply luck, but an absolutely logical consequence. In addition, the successes are not only reserved for gifted wind players, but for everyone.

I would have been spared a lot if I had already known and used the method while studying music.

But even 30 years later, the realization remains: Only Burba really helps and should be introduced as a compulsory subject for all brass players as quickly as possible!


→ Martin Osterhammer, landestheater-coburg.de


Karl-Heinz Halder

former Principal Trumpet with the SWR Symphony Orchestra


"Most of all, I benefited from lessons with Malte Burba, who I got to know in 1989.  I drove to Mainz for lessons with him for many years.  I owe him a great deal."

(Sonic 5.2017)


→ edipason.de


Michael Herdemerten

Trumpet player at the Gärtnerplatz State Theater Munich


Thanks to Malte Burba's method, I have really enjoyed working with the trumpet for many years. At first I discovered a lot of problems that I didn't really know I had. Through Malte Burba’s method, a very exciting journey began for me to the roots of my trumpet playing, which hopefully is far from over.

For my work in the orchestra, I have definitely benefited tremendously!


→ gaertnerplatztheater.de


Johannes Faber

Jazz trumpeter and composer


"I didn't want to and couldn't play the trumpet anymore. Then, about 3 years ago, I got to know Malte Burba and his highly plausible method, which has significantly reduced my 'performance stress.'

I continue to play the trumpet, and thanks to Malte Burba (and myself, of course...), with increasing enjoyment; a feeling that in my trumpet-playing career had almost always appeared only after playing."


Südfunk-Tanzorchester Stuttgart (1980-90) | NDR-Bigband (1990-96) | Retired Professor at Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Hamburg | Jazz Award Baden-Württemberg


Joo Kraus

Jazz trumpeter


"Without hesitation, I can say that encountering Malte has been the greatest stroke of luck for me in the world of brass players. Since attending one of his workshops, playing the trumpet has made sense again. Ever since I "switched over," it's become enjoyable for me once more! Malte Burba has cleared away a whole heap of brass-playing nonsense and is the only one so far to have explained to me how it really works. For everyone. This gives a chance to those especially who aren't already getting everything right intuitively. I wholeheartedly recommend to everyone to learn to play the instrument according to his method."


→ jookraus.de


Ernst Hutter

Ernst Hutter & Die Egerländer Musikanten | Trombonist with the SWR Big Band


"As early as the year 1987, I became aware of Malte Burba and his method as one of the first musicians in Germany after attending a workshop. Over the 4 years of studying with him, I was able to enhance my musical abilities through a solid brass technique. His methodology has opened up many opportunities for me, which became the foundation for my professional success in the years that followed. Even today, my brass-related work is oriented around it."


→ die-egerlaender.de


Foto: Thomas Bogdan
Foto: Thomas Bogdan

Thomas Meise

Principal trumpet player, Neue Philharmonie-Westfalen


"A significant portion of my personal journey as a professional trumpeter has been guided by the method of Malte Burba, as if on rails. The complex physiological and physical processes involved in brass playing and music-making, in my opinion, can never be fully "understood" or controlled. However, Malte Burba's method is a reliable tool to significantly enhance one's abilities in this regard. 


Over the course of the 20 years during which Malte Burba's ideas have accompanied me daily, I have consistently benefited from them and can recommend every brass player to engage with them at least once."


→ elbeblech.de


Thomas Vogel

Trumpet player with the hr-Bigband


"Malte's method is a fantastic way to gain insights into all physiological components. His comprehensive knowledge of the mechanisms of breathing and embouchure muscles allows for targeted analysis of all the issues brass players face and, through equally targeted exercises, their resolution. Every brass player, regardless of their individual level, can benefit from engaging with it."


→ Thomas Vogel, hr-bigband.de


Christof Skupin

Trumpet player with the SWR Symphony Orchestra


"Engaging with oneself and the underlying physical connections in trumpet playing, I consider it extremely important to maintain consistent high-level performance. Malte Burba's method is one of the few that deeply delves into these connections. As a young student, I greatly benefited from it, and working with Malte Burba has provided me with insights that continue to drive me in my pursuit of understanding and improvement."


→ Christof Skupin, swr.de


Bruno Feldkircher

Principal trumpet player with the Gürzenich Orchestra Cologne


"Every brass player should attend a workshop by Malte Burba at least once to truly understand how trumpet playing works down to the smallest detail! By raising awareness of body consciousness, you always know what's causing issues, allowing you to efficiently address the problem. For me, getting to know Malte was a blessing. Without his knowledge and assistance, I certainly wouldn't be where I am now. Especially for orchestral musicians who often face the demand of playing entrances precisely "on the dot" after long breaks, his method is invaluable."


→ Bruno Feldkircher, guerzenich-orchester.de


Thomas Huder

Trumpet player with the Palast Orchester


"Malte Burba's method is convincing to me in all aspects, demonstrating that, for instance, playing high notes has nothing to do with unique talent or an inexplicable phenomenon, but is the result of correct playing technique. Learning this technique through the nature of the exercises allows even a professional musician in constant action to practice daily and perform on stage in the evenings. I've been playing the trumpet for 30 years and have faced problems and stress repeatedly. In less than 2 years, I've improved my range by a fourth upwards, and playing has never been as enjoyable as it is today. I wouldn't have thought that playing the trumpet could be so effortless."


→ palastorchester.de


Chris Walden

Film composer | Jazz trumpeter, Los Angeles (USA)


"Malte Burba's method for brass players is revolutionary, yet so simple and intuitive. It allows one to deconstruct embouchure technique into its individual components and work specifically on weak points. The method is effective in eliminating existing embouchure difficulties, but it also empowers brass players without apparent issues to enhance their playing even further. It's almost like the "Eureka moment" for brass players."


→ chriswalden.com


Norbert Vohn


After receiving unsatisfactory answers to many of my questions from renowned trumpet players and university professors for a long time, I happened to come across one of Malte Burba's first books by chance: "Teach Your Body To Blow." Intrigued by the title, as I read it, most of the answers presented themselves to me in a very logical manner. Shortly after, I became a student of Burba's, and since then, there hasn't been a problem I can't solve on my own. Practicing finally made sense again! Today, I'm not only able to maintain my playing at a consistently high level and successfully and joyfully tackle even the most challenging pieces, but I can also address all my students' issues. Perhaps the best thing about this unique and invaluable method is that it works for anyone who engages with it objectively and conscientiously. I consider myself fortunate to have learned trumpet playing from Malte Burba.


→ norbertvohn.de


Philip Sindy

Trumpet player (Pop/Global music/Jazz)


A car accident, and it happened: the upper lip split in the center, had to be stitched, teeth were splinted; a total disaster for a professional trumpet player! Not so for Prof. Malte Burba! Since I had already undergone a swift and well-guided embouchure change with Malte during my years of study, it was clear: His method is the only sensible solution! Thanks to Malte and his uniquely interdisciplinary knowledge in the fields of medicine, body physiology, psychology, as well as the physics of the trumpet, and his exceptional pedagogical skills, his composure and encouragement, I was able to rebuild my lip and regain trust in its functionality.


Trumpet player with Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band | Megaloh | Max Herre | Joy Denalane | Patrice | Culcha Candela | Stage Entertainment | Friedrichstadtpalast Berlin


Stefan Neussl

Zillertaler Weisenbläser


"Playing the trumpet is so difficult because it's so simple!"

"With this statement, Malte Burba hits the nail on the head. But what do you do when the simple suddenly becomes not so easy to handle and significant brass-playing issues arise? Then good advice can quickly become quite costly. Much of what is offered as solutions unfortunately proves to be useless and sometimes even counterproductive. Misunderstood brass-playing relationships lead to even more incorrect 'approaches to solutions'... Only Malte Burba's method has not only captured and analyzed the complex system of brass playing down to the last detail – Malte Burba provides THE solution for all brass-playing challenges with his series of exercises. I highly recommend all brass players who want to solidify their brass-playing performance and strive to ensure their long-term performance to seriously engage with Malte Burba's method."


→ weisenblaeser.at


Sebastian Studnitzky

Jazz trumpeter | Jazz pianist


"A professional musician famously spends a significant portion of their life traveling and waiting. Through Malte's method, I can finally make meaningful use of this time and greatly improve my trumpet playing with remarkable efficiency. Getting into the method is somewhat unusual and requires a lot of discipline. But the 'aha moment,' when I first realized how the newly acquired skills were integrating into my playing and making it remarkably more flexible and controlled to an entirely new degree, was fantastic!"


→ studnitzky.de


Roman Zaremba

Professor of trumpet at the Conservatory in Luxembourg


Malte Burba's method has a fundamental impact on my trumpet playing and my pedagogical work. As a rational foundation of knowledge, it provides disciplined brass players with the groundwork and the opportunity to master the learning of their instrument in a logical and creative manner.


→ romanzaremba.de


Lars Seniuk

Professor, Jazz trumpet MUK Wien


Logical, reliable, motivating – the method that I've come to know and appreciate through Malte Burba forms the solid foundation of my work, both with music students and prospective music students, as well as professional musicians. The gratitude and joy I receive from my students for their continuous progress are the same feelings I have for Malte Burba and the method he has developed.


→ larsseniuk.de


Christoph van Hal

trumpet player | Arrangeur


I owe my entire musical journey to Prof. Malte Burba. No other teacher has made it so clear to me where the problems in trumpet playing lie and how to solve them, as well as who should be solving them. With humor, I look back on the time before my "embouchure change," when playing the trumpet wasn't truly enjoyable – probably not for my listeners either. I can only give my greatest approval to Prof. Malte Burba's method; everything has come to fruition. Today, I play my instrument with immense joy and am delighted that this ability is based on an absolutely plausible and tangible method. One wink-worthy phrase has stuck with me throughout the years of my guidance: "Playing the trumpet is so difficult because it's so easy."


Trumpet Player and & Arrangeur

Wir sind Helden | Marquess | Double High C Big Band


→ christophvanhal.de


Dirk Amrein

Crossover Artist


"Malte Burba demystifies the process of learning a brass instrument. His well-founded, comprehensive, and absolutely logical method allows everyone, whether a professional or amateur, to enhance and optimize their skills according to their abilities."


→ dirkamrein.com


Julian Wasserfuhr

Jazz trumpet player


"For me, it's truly fortunate to receive lessons from Malte Burba. His method is unique. Since I've been with Malte, I'm consistently improving and feeling more comfortable on my instrument. I believe there's nowhere else in the world a trumpeter and teacher who can explain trumpet playing so logically and address every problem."




Daniel Edelhoff

Principal trumpet, Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra


"Malte Burba's unique method proves that, alongside musical imagination, not only a mysterious talent – and certainly not anatomical prerequisites – lead to long-term successful brass instrument playing, but rather the intelligent utilization of one's own body, the awareness of one's actions while playing, and ultimately disciplined and creative practice."


 Daniel Edelhoff, qatarphilharmonicorchestra.org


Daniel Zeinoun


"For me, it was a stroke of luck to have had the opportunity to get to know Malte Burba and his method. He greatly aided my understanding of the fundamental workings of trumpet playing and assisted me through various embouchure challenges. The method is well-founded, logically structured, and forms the foundation of my playing. I can only recommend every brass player to engage with it. It undoubtedly helps everyone."




Michael Feldner

Classical trumpet player


"Malte Burba's method brings happiness because practicing truly gains perspective. Everything else is a lottery."






Lutz Mandler

Lecturer for trumpet at the University of Mainz | Classical trumpet soloist


"Malte Burba's method provides me with the foundation to be successful as a trumpeter, musician, and educator. It's a logical and purposeful approach to learn and master the trumpet and related instruments securely and reliably. Thanks to Malte's method, I am able to engage with highly complex compositions in contemporary literature and find ways to learn and perform them."


Christof Lehan

Principal trombonist in the Osnabrück Symphony Orchestra | Lecturer at the University of Music Osnabrück


"I have known Malte Burba and his method for over 20 years now, and every day, it reaffirms what an immense stroke of luck it was to have met him. I am completely certain that instrumentally, musically, and thus professionally, I would never be where I am today – thank you so much, Malte! Not only in my work with students and colleagues, but also personally in the orchestra, it's simply a reassuring feeling to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of brass playing, potential errors, and their correction. I can only strongly recommend every brass player who wants to establish their progress on solid ground and reject the notion of "King Chance" to engage deeply with his method."


Axel Dörner

Jazz trumpeter | Composer | Pianist


"Malte Burba's method is the only one I know of that has fundamentally examined brass instrument playing from a scientific perspective. His method is therefore still irreplaceable for me today. Without this method, I probably would have eventually stopped playing the trumpet and turned to a different, simpler musical instrument. Thanks to his method, however, I am able to give free rein to my creativity on the trumpet. Especially the control and endurance in applying specific playing techniques and sound extensions in alternation with conventional trumpet playing would not be possible for me without Malte Burba's method."


→ Axel Dörner, wikipedia.org


Bernd Köstlin

Baden-Württemberg State Police Orchestra | Metal up your Brass


"For all those who want to uncover the mystery of mastering a brass instrument, Prof. Malte Burba's methodology is the perfect guide. Training this particular body awareness is not just about work in itself, but rather recognizing the connections between the elements that are of utmost importance when playing the instrument. With this new and (still) unique establishment in Offenburg-Neuhausen, it's now open to everyone to rediscover "brass playing" through a new perspective."



→ metalupyourbrass.com


Daniel Costello

Assistant principal hornist at the Anhalt Philharmonic Orchestra


"The in-depth engagement with Malte Burba's method has significantly enhanced my brass-playing ability and drastically increased my joy in playing – I can wholeheartedly recommend this method to all horn players! I've witnessed many professional horn players in my circle who had to prematurely give up their careers unnecessarily. Sad cases that, in my opinion, could have been avoided with Malte Burba's method. It is the safest and most reliable method I've encountered in 6 rigorous years of study and during my 15 years as an orchestral musician. A true stroke of luck, there's no other way to put it. I look forward to further improvement!"


→ anhaltisches-theater.de