Lars Seniuk

Bachelor of Music (Jazz trumpet) | Master of Music (Komposition und Jazzkomposition) | Professor, MUK Vienna


Teaching area

Vienna (AT)




After classical trumpet lessons Lars Seniuk (*1989) studied Jazz trumpet at the Jazz-Institut Berlin and composition at the University of Music Hamburg.


As a trumpet player he has played with the NDR Bigband, Global Music Orchestra, Jazz Kollektiv Berlin, various classical Orchestras, Jazz-, Pop- and Avantgarde-Ensembles as well as several own projects in a variety of styles reaching from traditional Bebop to avantgardish microtonal music.


The so called „Highflyer“ (Frankfurt Radio, SWR) and „whizz-kid“ (Deutschlandfunk) has toured Germany, Europe, China and - as winner of the International Made In New York Jazz Competition - the USA.


Lars Seniuk is the artistic director of the New German Art Orchestra, with which he has been nominated for the ECHO 2016 (German Music Award). He also works as guest conductor and composer with the Frankfurt Radio Bigband, NDR Bigband Hamburg and WDR Big Band Cologne. Furthermore he is the artistic director of the Landesjugendjazzorchester Hamburg (State Youth Jazz Orchestra of Hamburg).


He teaches at the University of Music Hamburg and the University of Musik Frankfurt, gives workshops for trumpet technique, Jazz, Bigband and conducting and is a go to address for trumpet students and professional trumpet players from all over Germany and other countries.


In 2015 Lars Seniuk founded „Miteinander durch Musik“ („Togetherness Trough Music“), an initiative helping refugees all over Germany. He also serves as head of the Jazzbüro Hamburg e.V. and has founded the task force „Women In Jazz“.